Saturday, November 04, 2006

More Immigration Information

I have posted about immigration, over, and over, and over, and over, and over again. Surprisingly, all my effort has resulted in absolutely zero change. My belief that the entire universe revolves around me is slipping away. That aside, my proactive efforts to change our current illegal immigration problem has included the following:
1. Letters, emails, and phone calls to my federal representatives.

2. I have donated not-inconsiderable amounts of money to candidates who are very vocal proponents of meaningful reform (gotta reward good behavior).

3. I have also sent several hundred dollars to the Minutemen.

4. I have tried to spread information via this blog (did all five of you get that? Heh).

All these efforts will continue because that is part of fighting the good fight. I strongly believe that this is a national security issue that cannot be ignored. I also believe that I will see an offensive nuclear strike in my lifetime, and I don’t want it to occur here on our soil.

Now there is a pilot program giving citizens an opportunity to help out the Border Patrol sitting where you are right now! As very few people know, Texas Governor Rick Perry announced the Virtual Border Watch Program with initial funding of $5 million. Pretty cool, but nothing is cooler than implementation, and that is what happened yesterday.

The Texas Border Watch Test Site appears to be easy to use. I registered for a login and password and now have access to eight pilot cameras. If I see something suspicious, I am supposed to click a button to alert authorities. I haven’t seen anything suspicious yet (say, is that a burrito in your pocket? Or are you happy to see me.) Anyway, I’m sure that there will be glitches, but please go over and sign up. Hopefully, increased interest will generate more money to improve the system. I always get excited when I see government thinking outside the box. God Bless America.