Friday, May 05, 2006

Thoughts on Immigration

Okay, so I love immigrants. It seems to me that immigrants are one of the primary fuels that drive the engine of our economy. Why? They work their asses off. (Incidentally, Special Forces is filled with immigrants and they are part and parcel of our history.) I really respect the guts it takes to make a new life... however, I have to preface the work immigrant with legal. The immigration situation is already waaay out of hand.

I don't have a lot of anwsers, but a cursory thought is that we need to close the floodgates and only then can we have a discussion about what to do with the reported 12 million illegal immigrants that are already here. I don't care if they are brown, pink, or purple... illegal is illegal. I'm with the Minutemen... I'm even going to put my money where my mouth is... will you?