Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Lately my wife has indicated to me that I've become insufferable. As far as I can tell I have crossed over into some sort of cockiness. While I can chalk some of that up to holiday stressors, she is right. I see where she is coming from, but there is a method to my madness.

Confidence is an extremely interesting attribute. For some, it never materializes and in others it is fleeting. Some are even-keeled and still others suffer from delusions of grandeur. The latter is known as arrogance (the evil doppelganger of confidence).

A few close friends and I recently started a business. In short, we provide security solutions in extremely hostile environs. This is a fairly large step to take in life but I do so with very little hesitation. As I've written before, I was taught something about success. Success occurs when preparation and opportunity coalesce. I have been preparing to run a corporation for some time, and now opportunity presents itself. Welkommen.

I have had a lot of triumphs in my life and many failures. Fear of failure haunted me in my youth, but is no longer a companion. Prime Minister Churchill once noted that, "Success is going from failure to failure without a loss of enthusiam. " Part of mitigating this fear of failure involves false motivation.

False motivation was a technique that I learned in my earliest years as an infantryman. Without digressing into war stories, suffice it to say that the physical and mental discomfort that an infantryman endures on a regular day crushes other mortals. When life is at its worst, it may be time to turn to false motivation. It is my experience that false motivation quickly turns into the genuine article.

So, I have become cocky, but falsely so. I am merely providing myself with the energy required to make decisions that will affect friends and family in this business venture. It is a surprisingly heavy burden to carry. It is more difficult for me than being for directly responsible for men in combat. Isn't it funny that my "comfort zone" is combat? This burden has transferred here to the Squirrel's Nest and now the wife tires of my energy and incessant talk of business.

Just awhile honey. I'm getting myself psyched for this new battle.