Friday, July 06, 2007


As I (ze Fastest Squirrel) see it, Iraq has outdistanced the economy as the number one issue in America, and there is no way the GOP can take this albatross off the political table. Why? Because if the Bush administration fails in Iraq (or is perceived to have failed), the Party has lost one of its most important presumptions: that Republicans are better able, are more competent, and have better ideas at defending this nation than Democrats. Once that presumption is lost, so have our chances for the Presidency and for majorities in Congress in 2008. Who knows how long we would be in the minority after that. The only reason we're not doing worse is because of the well-defined political incompetence of Pelosi and general idiocy of Harry Reid.

The best answer to me, therefore, is for the Bush administration to commit all available resources to turning Iraq around. Folks like Lugar and Domenici and other lukewarm Republicans aren't helping, but you can't fully blame them (though I could be persuaded otherwise). Bush is a failing president and he's lost a huge amount of political capital because of his personnel decisions, his poor ability to communicate, his judgment, his inability to move legislation and his not governing as a conservative. Nevertheless, the success of our party hinges on how Iraq unfolds.

Riddle me this. When was the last time that you saw GWB on TV rallying the troops? When was the last time you received a "personal email" from GWB asking for your support (last election cycle, anyone)? I'm pissed. Waaayyyy too pissed.