Friday, December 08, 2006

Martin Luther - Grave Spinning

I'm not sure whether I have mentioned it before, but I was born and raised Lutheran. Lutheran has always been Catholic Lite - half the guilt. Now, however, the moral compass has gone completely astray from the teachings of Luther. Some examples:

Ordain homosexuals? Sure! Why not! As long as they're not sucking MY dick.

What should we spend our limited resources on? Not shoring up a crumbling membership... let's tackle AIDS in Africa!

As a Church we have to have a voice. Let's raise that voice IN DEFENSE OF PALASTINE OVER ISRAEL.

Now an interesting article on yet another bunch of ELCA (Exceptionally Liberal Church of America) asswipes who have it all figured out. Read it and tell me where I'm wrong.

My mom's gonna be pissed, but I'm done with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. But, she can't be as nearly as pissed at me as I am with the Church.