Monday, November 06, 2006

Midterm Elections Tomorrow

Pundits have declared that the election tomorrow revolves around a singular issue… the Iraq War. This is, of course, a glaring example of how the dialogue is controlled in the public discourse by the media. It is the Global War on Terrorism, one of which is an effort named Operation Iraqi Freedom. If the GWOT is important to you, and you are still undecided, I recommend that you read the latest from Victor Davis Hanson. He writes,
“What is written about Iraq now is exclusively acrimonious. The narrative is the suicide bomber and IED, never how many terrorists we have killed, how many Iraqis have been given a chance for something different than the old nightmare, or how a consensual government has withstood enemies on nearly every front.

Long forgotten is the inspired campaign that removed a vicious dictator in three weeks. Nor is much credit given to the idealistic efforts to foster democracy rather than just ignoring the chaos that follows war — as we did after the Soviets were defeated in Afghanistan, or following our precipitous departure from Lebanon and Somalia. And we do not appreciate anymore that Syria was forced to vacate Lebanon; that Libya gave up its WMD arsenal; that Pakistan came clean about Dr. Khan; and that there have been the faint beginnings of local elections in the Gulf monarchies.

Yes, the Middle East is "unstable," but for the first time in memory, the usual killing, genocide, and terrorism are occurring in a scenario that offers some chance at something better. Long before we arrived in Iraq, the Assads were murdering thousands in Hama, the Husseins were gassing Kurds, and the Lebanese militias were murdering civilians. The violence is not what has changed, but rather the notion that the United States can do nothing about it; the U.S. has shown itself willing to risk much to support freedom in place of tyranny or theocracy in the region.”

Any honest analysis of the conduct of the war places much of the blame for the current situation in Iraq squarely on the Democratic leadership. Since Bush’s ‘illegal’ election in 2000, the DNC has been dedicated to one cause, and one cause only ... destroying GWB and returning to power in Washington DC. This included sabotaging America's efforts to defeat Islamic terrorism. The Democrats return to power and the destruction of George Bush was all-important, everything else came in second, including our troops.
I personally don’t believe that significant flocks of people will vote against the Republicans because of the GWOT. There are plenty of other issues that are important. The Republicans are listening and have got the message… BE CONSERVATIVES. Don’t forget, 2008 is around the corner. We will see meaningful debate regarding immigration, the GWOT, and taxes. Scandals aside, conservatives will do what their constituents want them to do.

The other element… the left fails to realize that your typical American is living better than they ever! Noticed the Dow Jones Industrial Average lately? All-time highs! Eighty percent of Americans own their homes. Cars are incredibly inexpensive. Anyway, you get the idea. The new phrase has changed from “a chicken in every pot” to “a plasma screen in every house.” Wow, have times changed! Life is good and people know it. So, I join JD in encouraging all of you to go and vote. I hope that you vote conservative, but simply exercise the right that so many of my brothers bought for you.