Monday, November 06, 2006

Before You Vote, Think About This

Howdy, JD here. There is lots of buzz in the media about voter turnout. I realize that this is not a presidential election, but I would like to point out what happens when the Democrats control the military. If conservatives stay home on election day, President Bush will still control the military, but the Democrats will be one big step closer to power and if they control the House, they will have a heavy impact on the military’s budget.

I was on active duty when Jimmy Carter was elected. Lots of small things happened to us that the public did not see on the front pages of the newspaper. Military pay stagnated. A junior enlisted man with a family became eligible for food stamps. Reenlistment bonuses went to zero. Funding for training dried up. Often we found ourselves walking around Ft. Benning with a stick with a nail in the end of it picking up trash instead of training. Funding for spare parts dried up. I remember at one time our unit had a line of six M113A1 personnel carriers in the motor pool that were being used for parts. Later I spoke with an Air Force Officer who had been doing the same thing with F15’s. It goes on with weapons systems not being upgraded and other things. Readiness suffered. Ronald Reagan had to spend a lot of money to fix this.

Take note that when Bill Clinton entered office, the Army had 18 active divisions. When he left there were only 10. We could really use those missing divisions these days. His administration was the one that decided that promotions at the CIA and the Pentagon should be based more on diversity than qualifications.

The point is that recent Democratic administrations were not interested in the military (and now John Kerry has opened his mouth and proved me right). What they are interested in is social engineering. That is, using government power and funding to try push a social agenda. I think that in time of war this is very dangerous.

I am not all that happy with the Republicans at the moment. If you check out the HHS appropriations bill , the earmark spending is amazing. I used to live in North Carolina. There are more illegal aliens in North Carolina that there are people in South Dakota. Immigration needs to be dealt with, too. However, we are at war and the military is important. You can’t fight terrorists with harsh language (some of the Democrats won’t even do that). The Democratic record with the military does not inspire confidence.

So the message is go vote. If you think that the military is important and it is important to win, then vote Republican.