Friday, October 06, 2006

Sick of Politics

Man, I really hate election cycles. Here in Virginia the Senate race involving George Allen and Asshat Webb has really been nasty. I've known Webb was dirty for a long time. It is an open secret here. What is amazing is seeing the Allen campaign completely blow it and stoop low. Dumbasses.

This Foley guy is a predator and should be locked up. Sure, it may not have been a crime in DC (age of consent is 16) but now this scuzball is still out and WILL do it again. I can't believe that we have to live with all these sick fucks. Both sides of the aisle have these dildos. Great.

Here in the DC area we are surrounded by Moonbats. They are ignorant, shrill, uncompromising bigots. There is no reasoning with them. While I totally don't support sitting out the conservative vote in November, I will be holding my nose. Even if the Dems take power, we can expect to see them melt down. Why? To put it simply, they don't have common values. Relativity is not a value, it is moral quicksand... but they don't get that. I tried to explain the difference between ethics and morality to an overeducated moonbat recently. I boiled it down to this: an ethical man knows not to cheat on his wife, a moral man doesn't do it. He tried to wiggle around, but his only real response was that I was wrong. Unconvincing. Don't care. Damn, I gotta move West (but not too far West).

So, the only TV I'm watching this weekend is football. If something really crazy happens, please, someone log in here and tell me.