Monday, October 16, 2006


Having clearly stated in an earlier post about how sick I am of politics, I'd like now to talk about... politics.

"A flip-flop Mr. Squirrel? Say it ain't so."

Don't worry, I will try to explain. I see lots of people bemoaning the current political climate. I am one of those people, but unlike many of those folks I have some thoughts as to how to change it. What do I hate most about election year politics (ever notice that the election year seems to be stretching into a full-time deal)? For me, it is all the negativity. I really get pissed when I see politicians slamming each other over politics. They do it to get votes.

How? Well, if you are reading this blog, you are probably more politically aware than nearly everyone you come into contact with today (um, not because of my blog, but milblogs in general). Congratulations, you are one of the political elite. The vast majority of this country is woefully ignorant and tend to vote the way that they are told to vote. Ever live in a small town? News travels fast and bad news travels fastest... ergo, the slouch to negativity in political ads.

That being said, I heartily and truly believe that a winning candidate needs an abundance of one thing... genuine optimism. President Reagan was wildly successful because he had a deep, abiding, and unshakeable optimism in America. The Contract with America that spurred the conservative movement was an optimistic plan to make America better. We are a great people who work hard, play hard, and care about our neighbors. We spend massive amounts of money in parts of the world that few people are even aware of. Contrary to common belief, when Americans travel, we aren't "Ugly Americans." We bring hope to the world, but have somehow lost faith in ourselves (at least a very vocal number of us have).

I am optimistic. Why? Because I know that I am stronger than my adversaries (political or otherwise). My character has been forged in the fires of combat and I have been victorious time and time again (including victory over myself). I can win at anything that I put my mind to and am determined to push forward despite the doomsayers. I will prevail because I know that I love this place more than my opponents. I have literally placed myself between a bullet and my countrymen for years at a time and would do so again.

I live my life according to my values. "Do as I do," as opposed to "do as I say." My bags are packed, my body is in shape, my mind is sharpened, and I am waiting for an opportunity to serve my fellow man. I don't drive by a person with a flat tire on the side of the road. I usually have some change for the homeless. I greet people with a smile and pick people up when they are down. For my efforts I have been taken advantage of and had my life disrupted on many, many occasions. I may take a breather, but then I'm out there again, doing "the right thing" despite the obstacles.

I try diligently to influence and improve the little slice of pie that is my life. I encourage you to do the same. This is the essence of optimism. The world is not ending. The sky is not falling. You know that there are people in your life that you can trust. You have a fantastic life (if you don't it is your life). Enjoy it, and try and pass on some of the magic that is known as optimism.