Monday, October 30, 2006

More Negative Spin

So Newsweek wrote a story about a Marine Captain who died in Iraq. The family allowed his letters and emails to be published. The caption under the first photograph?
Weary Warrior: ‘This war is futile,’ wrote Secher after three months in Iraq. But he still believed in it.
Notice anything in there? The story that Captain Secher tells in his emails is different, so be sure to check it out. No real commentary, (except the correspondence that they chose to publish) but there is a last twist. The final paragraph reads,
Captain Secher died two days later, shot by a sniper while on patrol in Hit. "There are many challenges out here," Marine spokesman Lt. Col. Bryan Salas told NEWSWEEK. "Captain Secher and the Marines who worked with him tackled those challenges with tremendous zeal, and served with dedication and great personal sacrifice. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family."
The comments are a mixed bag of support for the warfighter and the moonbats who live under the umbrella of protection that they so despise. One comment (from a fellow warrior) asks,
Is he one of the fine Americans that CNN gleefully showed getting killed by snipers?
Excellent question. I am suspicious, of course, at the timing of this article. Why not publish the letters and emails of someone who didn't die? Why not publish portions of Blackfive's book, The Blog of War? Why a week before midterm elections? That would have been difficult see, because there wouldn't have been the opportunity for negative spin.

Hell, I don't know. Am I cynical?