Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Eminently Clickable

Rather than get too riled up over dumb stuff today, I'm instead going to treat you (once again) to random stuff that I've come across. Enjoy.

- This is possibly one of the most deceiving headlines I've seen in awhile (though I did print like 20 copies to leave around the office).

- Just when I've thought that today's schools have totally lost their sense of humor, I hear about stuff like this. I may just go as this guy for Halloween... though my son won't like it.

- Er, Mrs. Applegate, you won't believe what happened to my homework!

- Monsters!

- If God didn't create Men, there would be nobody to invent guns that shoot candy. Sweet.

Happy Halloween, gentle readers. If you see Dog the Bounty Hunter with his busty spouse, it may be me (just check for the bushy tail)!