Monday, September 18, 2006

Good Weekend for Football

Man, a bunch of great games out there. I began the weekend by watching my beloved Iowa Hawkeyes tak on on their arch-nemisis Iowa State. I was pretty bummed at half-time, but Drew Tate worked hard to bring out a win, 27-17 in overtime. Sweet. Take that Psyclones!

I then settled in to watch Michigan battle it out with Notre Dame. I was surprised at the ass-whoopins handed out to the Irish. After taking a water break, I got suckered into the Army v. Texas A&M game (that was on ridiculously late I might add). I made it to the third quarter and fell blissfully asleep (aka - passed out) before I could see the Aggies beat them by four. Bummer (that Army lost).

Somehow made it to church on Sunday and afterward watched the Giants barely beat the Eagles (boo) and the Jets lose to the Pats (hate Pats worse). Then stayed up to watch the Skins get circumcised by the Cowboys.

I'm thinkin' that the Steelers will bring home the bacon tonight.

So in summary (for yours truly), Saturday ROCKED! Sunday sucked! And it is Monday Freakin' Night! (que music).