Saturday, September 30, 2006

Break On Through!

Nice! Another week is complete. I have been very busy. My day job continues to keep me fully engaged. I have added, however, the stress of having my own company. I formed an LLC some time ago and just never had the time to move on it. Now things are starting to take off and I'm learning an awful lot as I go. For example, I incorporated in Nevada to save myself the state corporate tax (there is none there), but now my accountant tells me that I may have inadvertently screwed myself. Apparently, there are a couple of States in the Union that get audited more than others and Nevada is one of them. Crap. I guess that the expense of having an accountant will probably pay off then. Anyway, I won my first contract two weeks ago and am scrambling to ensure that I can do what I said I could. I will, but it has meant late nights and working on it this weekend. I have to say that I'm pretty psyched!

As I've often said, "Success occurs when preparation and opportunity coalesce."

BTW... Jake Commando and Shamrock, if you were at the end of your tours, I'd have work for you. I'll need some medic support in the near future.