Monday, July 31, 2006

Two Decent Movies

I really hate paying hard-earned cash to see movies in theaters, but I still like the experience. That being said, I’ve really been disappointed by the movies that have been coming out in the past couple years… mainly over-hyped products that often espouse a communist viewpoint that irritates my unmentionable places. So, I have seen two movies recently. Yep, two. Both of these movies were not-so-irritating and probably means that my standards have really fallen. Anyway, here are my two recommendations.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend. I typically like stuff that has one of the Owen brothers in it, and this is no different. Basically, the story line is as silly as it sounds, but that is really the nice thing about it… it is just an entertaining movie. There weren’t a lot of Laugh Out Loud moments in it for me, but I was amused a majority of the time. I enjoyed it and promptly forget that I had seen it until I decided to write about some movies that I had seen. Honestly, that is one of the nice things about it… it isn’t about a viewpoint or designed to make you think (like M. Night Shyamalan’s standard fare… though I liked the Sixth Sense), it simply entertains you. Nice.

Miami Vice. Again, just entertaining. Don’t go expecting white suits and flamingos, this is not the Miami Vice of the 80s. Actually, the director of the movie was the TV show director and this was more like a current version of the show (if he were making it now). It is cool and balanced. First, Tubs gets a shower scene… enter naked hottie, and cut to steamy sex scene. Later, Crockett is in a shower scene… enter naked hottie, and cut to steamy sex scene. Crockett kills bad guys and Tubbs kills bad guys. When not screwing or shooting, both get to drive a variety of boy toys. See, just like FN… fair and balanced. The only time that I thought outside of the plot was a scene of the nightlife in Havana. I hope that it is as nice as it is portrayed, but I doubt it. Anyway, there was no political chest thumping. There doesn’t need to be as this is an classic (modern) cop movie. It isn’t too cheesy and there is no depth to the characters… I guess that part may be a carry over from the TV show, but it isn’t obvious if it is. There are no crying scenes with a depressed and drunken cop blubbering about something that went wrong (which is an excellent departure from the blue plate special). So, to recap Miami Vice… 1) Sex with hotties, 2) Guns being fired all over the place, 3) Super sweet boats and cars, and 4) (did I mention this already?) Sex with hotties who carry guns. Nice.

PS- If you follow the links you see that both were lampooned by critics. Even nicer.