Monday, June 12, 2006

So, I Run Home During Lunch

To watch the USA v. Czech Republic in the World Cup. At about half-time the Czechs are up by two. DAMN! At least they are ranked number 2 in the world at the moment, so that seems to soften the blow somewhat.

I never played soccer outside of PE. In the midwest we had football and wrestling. There may have been other sports, but I'm not very aware of them (I did run track). But, my son LOVES the sport. I guess that I'll learn.

I saw a post somewhere the other day that said something to the affect that the only reason that the rest of the world loves "futbol" so much is because the U.S. sucks at it... heh... probably right.

GO U.S.A. !!!!!!

Update: Okay. We lost to the Czechs 0-3. We sucked and sucked bad. I know dick about soccer and could see that!