Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My Very First Online Death Threat

Nice. So, I'm over at the Blogs Of War (mentioned yesterday) and there is this Assclown making ridiculous threats in the comments sections. The blog host believes that there is something fishy about the dude and I comment that he should tell us (his readers) what he knows. This is the Assclown's reply:
You Americans are all pathetic.

Just keep shouting in the air or cybersir of cyberspace while we kill all your soldiers and citizens in the most horrifying manner possible.

And yes, I am posting using my laptop from a location in Hong Kong in People’s Republic of China which is a Superpower in its own right and your fucken CIA or US governement have no power to interfere here nor do they have got any influence whatsover.

I can use a BackOrifice-like remote-management tool to detect anyone’s IP who is entering my server and it does not take a Kurt Godel or Einstein to figure that out.I can even push trojans in all the nodes.

To you Fastest Squrrel, gimme your address not IP but real geo-physical one and see how me or my brothers despatch your body parts to hell.
This may be disconcerting to some, but it fills me with sugary goodness. Buddy you can come and visit me any time... just go to Camp Mackall or Range 37 and ask for The Squirrel... Assclown.

Hmmm... WWUJD (What Would Uncle Jimbo Do)? He probably has people want to kill him right regular!