Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sunday Startle

Okay, so I break from tradition and thumb through the local rag, the Washington Post (we get the Sunday edition for the coupons) and I'm in a pretty good mood. Church was good, sermon was nice, and the boy was exceptionally well behaved... then I see this article and just about heave my Cheerios. You need to read it.

So now the Democrats are planning to ensure that no future president can ever make a decision. If that person does, they can plan on being impeached. Damn. Remember, if you will, that the Democrats voted FOR THE WAR and don't have the votes to run things the way that they want too. Waaa! Freakin' crybabies.

My bad, I should have known better than to open up The Rag.

Update: I see that RedState is covering this story as well. They, of course, have a better line of discourse than I.