Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Now, What to do?

Alright, seems like every blog is covering the immigration stuff. Here is some of the stuff that I've read:

Polipundit told guest bloggers to either toe the line or go home. My reaction: it's his sandbox, he makes the rules.

National Review Online had a symposium that is worth reading. Contributor John O'Sullivan noted:
Take the idea of sending the National Guard to the border. This idea seems to shrink hourly so as not to offend Vicente Fox. The guard will now apparently play a purely advisory role in defending the country. But why will stepped-up border enforcement be needed if anyone who can contrive a job offer from a “willing employer” can be admitted perfectly legally? Tough talk about border security is simply camouflage for Bush’s policy of halting illegal immigration by the simple device of making it legal. Prospectively legal in the case of his guest-worker program, retrospectively legal as regards his “not an amnesty” amnesty.

The Washington Times tries valiently to expose what the Senate's 614-page "compromise" bill really means.

A bunch of telling quotes pulled from the President's speech last night can be found with Michelle Malkin.

Confederate Yankee is understandably pissed.

One of my regular blogs that I check is Iowa Voice and he is speaking to me:
Mr. President, you think 30% approval is bad? Try the mid-twenties....or even lower. It's going to be a long two years for you after November, and I'm afraid you won't have a lot of conservatives watching your back any longer.

You can count me as one of them.

Also, Glenn Reynolds has the full text for your perusal.

Yep, I'm disappointed.