Thursday, May 18, 2006

Dan Flynn Rocks!

In a post from his site today:
We all know that members of the Duke lacrosse team gang-raped a single-mom working to put food on the table.

We all know that Duke lacrosse captain David Evans has a fake mustache that he ceremonially wears whenever he rapes a stripper. We all know that if your own DNA is found in your own trashcan in your own house alongside a fake fingernail belonging to a stripper, it's conclusive proof that you're a rapist. We all know that running from the police after throwing a loud and raucous party with underage drinking isn't the normal response of a college student. We all know that it means that you're a rapist. We all know that Evans demanding, and passing, a polygraph test means nothing. We all know that the victim's "ninety-percent sure" identification of Evans as a rapist passes the "reasonable doubt" test.

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