Friday, May 05, 2006

About Iraq

I've been thinking a lot about what I should blog about my most recent trip. Essentially, I worked my ass off, brought in (or down) a bunch of bad people, and was glad that it was a short tour. Other than that, I can say that the place is constantly changing is very different from the last time I was there. First, big Army is large and in-charge... i.e. not fun at all. Also, the infrastructure is boomin', technology is available, and people are still happy to have us there.

It is, however, much more dangerous for our Iraqi partners. My Iraqi interpreters were in constant fear of death. I tried to track down some of my old Iraqi interpreters and found that one had since been burned alive in her house with her family. Make no mistake, these people are patriots. They understand are at stake. They are also baffled by the rhetoric of the MSM. They see us (military) killing ourselves for the mission and then see the looney lethargy of the left as broadcast continually by the MSM. When asked, I couldn't find a way to describe it that they would understand. Probably because I don't freakin' understand it myself.

I guess that I don't have a lot to add except that we are doing the right thing. BTW, I now have something like 45 months in combat over my career... heh, at least my Dad is impressed.