Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Enemy IS the State

I have decided to take on a rather monumental (by Squirrel standards) work that explains why I believe that the State is ridiculously unwieldy. This series stems from the confliction that I have endured regarding the NSA warrant less searches. I am still of the mind that nearly any successful attempt of government to take from the citizenry unto themselves is distasteful and criminal. That being said, a conservative pragmatist may find that: a) the President was working in America’s interest, b) there were a great many in Congress aware of the executive order and acquiesced to the demands of war, c) the press is simply doing what the press does (I hope to have a post regarding Lincoln’s war with the press in the new year), d) there are serious problems with leaks that are, undoubtedly, carried out by bureaucrats of enormous ego, and e) the courts will find (and have found) that this type of executive order is legal… the disingenuous protest resignation of Judge Robertson none withstanding. I will continue to frame my thoughts and give snippets of my arguments against collectivist dogma in the coming weeks, but please forgive the frequent lack of posting through the holiday season. Cheers.