Wednesday, November 30, 2005

DoD Directive 3000.05

The Department of Defense issued a directive on 28 NOV 05 that is long overdue. Apparently, this directive came about as a result of the Defense Science Board 2004 Summer Study on Transition to and from Hostilities. The Defense Science Board (DSB), composed of approximately 40 members, advises the Pentagon on scientific, technical, manufacturing, acquisition process, and other matters of special interest to the Department of Defense. After re-reading the Study, it looks as if the recommendations of the DSB were boiled down to line up with the SECDEFs point-of-view (shocker). I believe that this directive could go a long way in shutting up the moonbats who fervently believe in the administration's lack of awareness, foresight, or post-conflict planning accountability. Please let me know if anyone finds articles relating to this directive in the MSM. I won't hold my breath.