Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Iraqi War Crimes Tribunal

So I got to see coverage of Saddam (and others) Hussein's trial this morning while at the gym. Of course, the talking heads were all pointing out "meaningful" differences in how the trial is run in another country. I think that it is important to point out a number of things.

1) This is the first display of accountability found in the Arab world. I've heard it argued by some that the fall of the Iranian Shah in the 70's was a form of accountability, but by that logic, any coup is a form of accountability (principally to those who want to take power). This accountability is extremely significant and will result in more stability.

2) The Chief Judge appeared to be very accomodating towards the defendants. When one man complained of no access to his lawyer and poor living conditions, the C.J. asked about the man's family, the food, etc. The talking heads were incredulous that such latitute would be allowed, but this is important to the trial. Trust me, every Iraqi who is able is watching this trial. The emphasis placed on family and accomodating family is important. The C.J. is fully aware of his audience and is doing what must be done.

3) Trying the seven (or is it eight?) defendants together (for this particular crime) is placing accountability on all of them and shows that Saddam is not 'special.' I cannot emphasize the massive egos of all these men. Each is used to being in control, being the center of attention, and commanding! Just watch, they will not be able to contain themselves (eventually) and show the Iraqi people how immature (and therefore NOT scary or intimidating) these fookers are.

4) This will be a very long process. The death penalty is assured. Note the pics below... this is common knowledge among the Iraqi people. Justice is absolute in this part of the world. It will take time, but Arabs are a remarkably patient people. They will get there and feel FANTASTIC about it once it is completely over.

5) The left is going to hound that this is a debacle. Human Rights Watch (a purely anti-American endeavor) has already said that this trial is a sham. Of course, nothing could change this view unless we released Saddam 'back into the wild.' Remember that, to the left, the definition of peace is: The complete lack of action from the United States no matter how many must suffer or die. Hat tip to my buddy Jay

Anyway, these are photos that I took myself. Unfortunately, like a photo of a magnificent landscape, pictures cannot accurately portray the feelings that go along with the subject...

Mass Graves One

Mass Graves Two

Mass Graves Three

Mass Graves Four