Wednesday, September 07, 2005


I found this post called “Tribes” via JB’s Santuary. Bill Whittle has produced an eloquently written perspective on why different groups behave the way that they do. While there are holes in the theory, I think that it is a ‘slap-your-forehead’ kind of epiphany piece. I have always wondered why a certain portion of the population is more apt to make meaningful sacrifices, while others are content to be spectators.

I have a rabidly liberal aunt who is sincerely content to complain and never lends a hand in any endeavor outside of leftist politics. Her reasoning is that she pays taxes to take care of all the ‘other’ things in life. She was mad at the latest round of tax cuts, but has an accountant that works hard to limit the amount of tax that she has to pay. She hates the military, is contemptuous of law enforcement, and deeply distrusts “sheepdogs.” Despite this hate and marginalization, I would still come to her aid in a time of need. Maybe this is why the extreme left is so successful… they can treat us like sh!t and we still protect them. What do y’all think?