Friday, September 09, 2005

Stealing Our Honor

I have been allowing this thought to simmer for some time. It has to do with those who, knowingly or unknowingly, steal the honor of veterans. Most of the ways that I can think of are fairly obvious. Let's see... where to begin.

Strange things. Inexplicable things like the story of Kodee Kennings and the story of the former Marine private who has been posing as a retired Major General in his hometown (can't seem to link to the story at the moment). What the hell? The first is an example of giving more ammo to the America haters and the second is just pure selfish stupidity. At the end of the day these folks erode our honor.

The FX television show "Over There." I watched the first episode and was disgusted because... well... it stole my/our honor. I can forgive shows that don't get all the terminology right or get the uniforms wrong, but this is a blatantly untrue, unfair, and gives your average American a wildly skewed version of the way that things truly are. For example, my wife (Sexy Squirrel) doesn't seem to mind it because she claims that it 1) allows regular Americans that we are at war and 2) she gets some small insight into what it is like over there. I now just get P.O.'d when she watches it and answer her that 1) if Americans need reminding, there are infinitely better avenues (I resent the notion that folks have to be entertained to be informed) and 2) the reality she is seeing is in some Hollywood director's mind... it is sickeningly unreal. In the end this show does much more harm than good as provides stereotypes and situations that are only fodder for the the peaceniks and anti-America types. Sorry, but as a soldier, I am a professional and my brothers are as well. If the Hollywood types really want to do a service to anyone other than themselves, just evoke real life in the show. Unfortunately, it is about entertainment and profit at the expense of our honor.

Lazy journalists. Don't get me wrong, there are some good ones like Michael Yon. But the vast majority spend time on anything negative. Damn people, there is a freakin' war on and literally millions of fantastic stories out there. Just ask Chrenkoff (while you can). Instead, I live the life of a missing teen in Aruba and listen to ridiculous boobs like Kayne West tell me that my President is a racist. Sorry, but that strongly implies that I am a racist... which I'm not you racist cock! Get out there and freakin' DO SOMETHING! You too Fox News!

*takes deep breath and mutters* Okay, shake it out. Shake it out.

Psycho Cindy. This is truly a dead horse and I believe that she has been adequately exposed for the looney-toon that she is. But she has worked dilligently to rob her son of his honor. Fortunately, a guy like Matt at Blackfive honors him the way that military always has... by doing it ourselves. We will carry your honor for you brother.

Man, I may have to make this a multi-parter as I have to get back to work.