Thursday, September 01, 2005

Blogging Support For Katrina Victims

Shortly after Hurricane Andrew destroyed Homestead, FL on August 24, 1992, I was among a slew of military that was sent down there to help with the massive cleanup. Sniper teams were placed on water towers to 'keep an eye' on looters. Of course, we were federal troops and limited by posse-comitatus, but we did report to U.S. Marshals all the stuff that we could observe through our scopes. I remember being awed by the devastation. I can't imagine how much worse (and widespread) that this is.

Hugh Hewitt has sounded the bugle and is rallying bloggers to make meaningful, positive impact on the disaster. I am pushing Samaritan's Purse. Why Samaritan's Purse you may ask? Well, I have seen what they do with my own two peepers.

Special Forces conduct "engagements" all across the world that allows us to train and work dilligently toward winning hearts and minds. Unsurprisingly, in the course of these engagements we often encounter Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). Some are more friendly to the military than others. For example, I have had ZERO success trying to work with Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders). I am also a fairly devout Lutheran, but when meeting Lutheran World Relief in the Horn of Africa, was treated like a leper... even though we were delivering aid! Um, no money from this squirrel.

Samaritan's Purse, however, is filled with a crew of absolutely fearless folks. Most that I met were former military or were clearly pro-military. The charity started off pretty rocky, but has really developed into a seriously heavy-hitter. These folks go where literally no one else can or will go. I personally worked with them in Afghanistan. I was so very impressed with thier expertise, professionalism, enthusiasm, and respect for the military that I will be giving till it hurts. Check them out at Charity Navigator.

Also, my feeling is that New Orleans will be getting the lion's share of attention and money, leaving the less sexy locales twisting in the wind. Samaritan's Purse, according to their website, says that "units initially will be based in Mobile and work westward into Mississippi and Louisiana as conditions permit."

I send along a check and a prayer.

UPDATE: A heartfelt Thank You to those who are moved to contribute. You can log your contribution here.