Friday, September 02, 2005


I have decided that I just can't sniff around on too many blogs today. All this talk on the left is winding me up like a top. I guess that I'm particularly sensative to all the fingerpointing at the National Guard. These same kooks who hate the NG are now demanding to know why things are going so slowly. What!!?! Oh, so you hate the NG and deride them as a lesser form of folks who are not as worthy (clearly cause G.W. was a NG guy) and now G.W. is at fault for not moving quick enough. A person a work today wondered aloud what would be different if the images on TV were of white folks. The MSM and Hollywood are setting standards that we've never been held to before. We must just not care cause it takes time to mobilize things. Give me a break. I'm just going to stay tuned, turn off the boob tube when the loons start getting critical, and try to post something positive this weekend. Hope that you all have a happy (you don't have to feel too guilty), and SAFE labor day weekend. God Bless.