Friday, September 09, 2005

Another Example of a Poor Education

I had the fortune last night to see a talking head on a major news network try to give the economic "sunny side" of Hurricane Katrina. As a trained economist, I just shook my head and wondered exactly where this clueless individual got his education. Clearly, it wasn't in the place that I got mine, or in any real place. So I started sniffing around and found this wonderful article by Dr. Walter Williams. I recommend that you read it so that you don't have to swallow any of the looney bilge that is likely to surface. In part, Williams explains that:
Let's ask a few smell-test questions about these claims of beneficial aspects of hurricane destruction. Would there have been even greater economic growth and job creation for our nation had Hurricane Katrina not only destroyed New Orleans, Mobile and Gulfport, but other major metropolitan areas along its path, like Cincinnati and Pittsburgh, as well? Would we consider it a godsend, in terms of jobs and economic growth, if a few more category 4 hurricanes hit our shores? Only a lunatic would answer these questions in the affirmative.
No doubt about it, the Wax Museums of Communism that we call Colleges and Universities need to be scrapped and rebuilt.