Tuesday, September 27, 2005

American Military University Plug

While I haven’t had the good fortune of attending, I have many, many friends who have recently graduated from the American Military University (AMU). Enough, in fact, that I feel compelled to give them a good plug up here in the Squirrel’s Nest. Online undergraduate and graduate schools are popping up everywhere. The Army Times even talked about things that Joe needs to be aware of when looking for an online school. It is my understanding that AMU fills the bill. Here is how I found out about it… I have an Air Force buddy who recently separated from the service. He held a Top Secret/SCI clearance and walked into a six-figure job. His alma mater? AMU! Other friends have had similar successes with gaining a degree and so here is what I have gleaned from them.

First, the professors are great. Apparently, most are former service members who are extremely understanding about the time a military career/stint entails. Working 16 hour days? Brother, they understand! Second, because of this understanding, the schedule is extremely flexible... new classes start every month. Third, being subject matter experts and a for-profit organization, they have (smartly) made their prices in line with the 100% Tuition covered through the Army. Fourth, AMU is fully accredited. Quite frankly, this element is likely the most important. Fifth, even if you plan to get to college “later,” every credit you don't have to take “later” will be a massive relief (ask anyone)! So Joe, just get started with the pre-requisite class and see how it goes. Believe me, you are smart enough (and handsome to boot)!