Monday, August 15, 2005

Zipping Across the Highway

*clapping hands*

Alright people, let's get settled down. I am the Fastest Squirrel and I am the newest SF blogger on the net. For some background, I spent eleven years on active duty and went "part time" in 1999. I started out in the infantry and went to Group as a young Specialist. Anywhoo, I'm now a government contractor and get to continue to travel the world while making better money. I have deployed (in uniform) to Afghanistan and Iraq for a total of two years and spent additional time abroad as a contractor.

I grew up on a farm in Iowa and, when not outdoors, could be found immersed in books. Biographies, history, fiction, it really didn't matter. The tradition in my family was always that the men did a tour in the military and then came back to take over the reigns. I found that I enjoyed (and was quite good at) actually being a part of history, so I stayed in. There is a saying in the Community that you haven't really earned your tab until you have at least one ex-wife under your belt... well, I stayed until a divorce helped me to decide to get out. I decided that I wanted to have an active part in my son's life and that I could accomplish that better as a civilian. I have no regrets as I still serve as a weekend warrior. I live in northern Virginia.

Like most Operators that I know, I am politically inclined to be a libertarian. Unfortunately, the national movement for libertarians seems to attract a bunch of fruits and nuts that are primarily interested in legalizing dope. I dislike them. Clearly, I skew to the right.

I am still trying to figure out this blogging thing, but am excited to be here.