Thursday, August 18, 2005

Gotta Love the AP

Going through some of the Associated Press Breaking News stories, I came across some that illustrate the disconnect between the MSM and the people. Here are some good ones:

Army Reservist Convicted of Assaulting Afghan Prisoner Escapes Jail Time... still got his pee-pee wacked.

Roberts Wary of Rankling the Press in 1983... whew, glad he didn't.

U.S. Soldier Buried in Mexico After He Was Killed in Iraq... cause we needed some negative spin.

Iraqi Lawmakers Seek Constitutional Compromise With Sunnis; Four U.S. Soldiers Killed... fair and balanced... good news and bad.

Intelligent Design Debate Heats Up... and here I thought it was the humidity.

'Peace Mom' Leaves Camp, Her Mother Ill... is this good news or bad news to the MSM?

Man, I could do this for hours! Morons.